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Airport terminal

2020-12-14 Omni 0

Airport terminal

Control area
Main building, connecting corridor, waiting corridor, large space area, public area, passage area, decorative advertising lighting and sign light box lighting

controlled object

way to control
Scene control-preset scene modes such as day mode, night mode, security mode, cleaning mode, emergency mode, etc.
Timing control-automatically cycle time every day to open or switch the scene mode of each area of the airport at a certain time period
Manual control-can be controlled by manual switch or scene mode change through smart panel
Illumination sensing-collect outdoor or indoor light to change the lighting scene of each area of the airport, and complement the indoor light and dark.
Human body induction---turn on the light when the human body movement signal is sensed, and delay the light off if there is no induction signal.
Longitude and latitude control-locate the sunrise and sunset time of the city by latitude and longitude, and turn on or off the lighting scene
Centralized monitoring-monitor and manage the operation status of the entire airport terminal lighting system

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