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China smart Building Brand Award in 2020 announced!

2020-12-14 Omni 0

On the evening of December 10, the award ceremony of "China Smart Building Brand Award" in 2020 jointly held by Qiqike and Qiqibrand Lab was held in Dongfang Hotel, Guangzhou. Dozens of smart building industry experts, leaders and more than 200 well-known brand representatives of intelligent building gathered together to witness the birth of the excellent brand of smart building industry in 2020!

The Chinese Intelligent Building Brand award (The Intelligent Building Brand Award) is set up by The thousand thousands of customer's Brand laboratory, relying on The thousands of wisdom and of south China university of technology school of journalism &communication, forming a new "big data and smart Brand user experience laboratory" Brand index monitoring platform, to The annual Brand value index as The core, and comprehensive market research, user feedback and expert appraisal to produce The final winners.

The "China Smart Building Brand Award" has been awarded for 18 years since it was first awarded in 2002. It is known as the "Oscar" of the smart building industry by virtue of its objectivity, impartiality and authority. "Chinese intelligent building brand award winning brand not only get the favour of intelligent industry, also become the intelligent building, intelligent community, intelligent household project for mining the focus of attention, and even some parts of the bidding and procurement agencies for selected" Chinese intelligent building brand award "brand to give extra points, to prove the credibility of the Chinese intelligent building brand award and brand effect.

Top 10 Smart Lighting Brands of 2020

Award-winning brand:

1. Schneider Electric (China) Co., LTD

2. Luchuan Jinyu Electronic Trade (Shanghai) Co., LTD

3. Bangqi Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD

4. Guangzhou Hedong Technology Co., LTD

5. Guangzhou Visual Sound Intelligence Co., LTD

6. Zhejiang Yuanchuang Building Intelligent Technology Co., LTD

7. Suzhou Baokong Electronic Technology Co., LTD

8. Bolishi (Zhuhai Hengqin) Intelligent Technology Co., LTD

9. Huizhou EVCX Network Technology Co., LTD

10 Zhuhai Laite Technology Co., LTD

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